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Dr. med. Jiří Antonín MAREK

Complex Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Pains and Problems Affecting Kinetic Apparatus

About MUDr. Jiří Marek

was born in Boskovice, Moravia, some 40km from Brno. He lives and works in Brno where he has a surgery and a physiotherapeutic studio. Since 1997 he has been also working and practicing in Prague.
He has been a keen sportsman since his childhood. There is probably no kind of sport that he would not try. From running, tennis and football – the sports on which he currently concentrates systematically – to skiing, swimming, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, bowling, ice hockey, baseball, cycle ball, athletics, sport shooting, inline skating, cycling, triathlon and other sports which he neglects a bit due to his lack of time.

MUDr. Marek experienced the first problems with his back while still in comprehensive school. However, they were only temporary. After graduating from university, he was able to spend more time doing his favourite sports and his old aches came back. In addition, he started having problems with his left knee. At that time, MUDr. Marek worked as a general practitioner. He was far from satisfied with the treatment of kinetic problems offered by the existing healthcare system. Having tried almost all available ways of therapy and diagnostic methods, he soon realised that he would have to try something different. All therapeutic methods used at that time had the same objective: gradual easement of the aching joints or muscles through inactivity and convalescence procedures. However, this approach meant that the same or similar problems tended to return immediately under stress. The most effective treatment was warranted by Chinese or Eastern medicine. That is why MUDr. Marek started to study acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Eastern massage techniques, dietetics and aromatherapy. He spent a lot of time and money on training courses and internships organised by various national and international centres. As a result, however, he is today able to claim to be familiar with the Chinese, Korean, Israeli, German or French physiotherapy schools. As far as our lecturers are concerned, it is necessary to mention Prof. MUDr. Lewit, Prof. MUDr. Janda, Prof. MUDr. Trnavský, Prof. MUDr. Pavelka, MUDr. Růžička, MUDr. Barešová, MUDr. Jonáš, prim. MUDr. Křupka, Doc. MUDr. Rychlíková and many others. He has absorbed a lot of information, carried out a lot of analyses, used his own body for tests, examined thousands of patients and treated hundreds of his patients as if treating himself, i.e. thoroughly and with all his efforts. Since the beginning of his private practice until 1 February 2000, he treated some 7,000 patients!!! From the very start MUDr. Marek based his therapy on one important principle: each patient must be informed of his particular problem and the cause of his pain; he must understand all relations and consequences. Only then can he fully cooperate!! No problem of a human body can be resolved without the patient’s collaboration!! Sometimes, it is more important to conduct particular exercises; sometimes, all depends on correct work or sport ergonomics; sometimes, corrective foot easers can work miracles; sometimes, one has to change his dieting habits …

In both his surgeries, MUDr. Marek offers not only complex diagnostics, including all latest methods, but also the gentlest therapy and complete consultations concerning corrective and ergonomic facilities. He collaborates closely with producers of dietetic supplements as well as fitness and sport coaches. Although he does not have a lot of time to spare, he also organises lectures and training courses. It is clear, however, that if he wants to change the state of healthcare in the Czech Republic, he will have to focus on public health education much more.
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